The Copper Age – A New Design Collection and a New Free Design

A few months ago, I was writing about different colour combinations, and how we select our colours.


At that time, I was impressed by the wonderful colour combination of copper and teal, and just how beautiful and fresh these colours look together. I really wanted to have a go at creating a collection that could successfully use this colour combination successfully, and I hope you will agree that it has been a success.

The Copper Age is a collection of 10 gorgeous circular designs, that have all been created around a dual colour range. As per usual, I have had the artwork for this collection in my files for a few months, and had not be able to find the right project – I really love the way my art folder works, with designs sometimes sitting here for years before the right technique strikes me.

I have chosen to use the Teal and Copper colour thread that I have been lusting after, and stitched the designs onto a white homespun cotton fabric. One of the things that I love about the designs is that you can really use any colours – simply find the colours that go best with your individual décor, and you are ready to rock-and-roll.

Whilst the designs themselves only have two colours, the layering in the designs mean that sometimes there are 5 or 6 colour changes in the design – Using colour changes has allowed me to create the most textured design possible, with lots of different stitch styles in the one design.

Emma (11yr old daughter) assisted me in naming this collection. She had come into the office whilst I was working on the designs, and whilst we were talking about them, we were throwing names around.  Emma liked the Bronze Age, however I really think that the colours that I have used are much more Copper than Bronze.

So far, I have used these beautiful designs to create a table runner. I am going to share the instructions for the table runner in a later post, however I am so happy with how the runner has turned out, that I had to share with you a picture of the finished project.

I feel like these designs are focused on the home décor/quilting side of embroidery, and I am planning on creating a small lap rug for my Mother with the Copper Age designs, using a simple 9 block layout. I also think that they would make a fantastic set of placemats. Or could be used to make some amazing cushions.

copper table runner 4

a small glance at the table runner that I will be featuring later on this week.


The Copper Age Designs are sized to be used by most embroidery machines. Sizes included are 5”, 6”, 7” and 8”, allowing you maximum flexibility.

Naturally, I would not upload a new design collection, without giving you a free design to play with. You can find the free design for the Copper Age Collection HERE in our Free Designs Folder.

The Copper Age Designs are available for download or available on a CD or USB, and can be yours for only $34.95. Pick up your collection HERE.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day. Julie.

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