Free Project – Copper Age Table Runner

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Today I am so happy to share with you a beautiful table runner project that I have just created for my own parents house, using The Copper Age Designs.

Once I had created these amazing Copper Age designs, I knew exactly the project that I wanted to create. A beautiful table runner.

copper table runner 2

I decided that the colours that I was creating in (Copper and Teal), would perfectly go in my parents house, and immediately thought about their huge dining table, that seats our entire family (of more than 20 now), for Christmas Dinner. Whilst I didn’t want to create something that would go down the entire length of the table, I realised that I would have to create a 4 block table runner so as not to look to small on the table.

I love the result, and better than that, so do my parents.


  • Four 12” blocks of white homespun
  • .75m of plain teal fabric
  • .75m patterned teal fabric
  • 1.5m backing fabric
  • 1.5m wadding (you can use up various scraps for this project, as it is quite narrow)
  • Copper Age Embroidery Collection from Julie Hall Designs
  • Embroidery thread in two colours (I have used Copper and Teal)
  • Bobbin Thread
  • TearClean Tear Away Stabiliser
  • Patchwork ruler and rotary cutter
  • Bias Binding Kit
  • General Sewing tools



  1. Embroider 4 blocks from The Copper Age collection onto your white homespun fabric.
  2. Trim blocks to 10×10 inches
  3. Working firstly with the plain teal fabric, cut 5 strips, 2” wide across the width of the fabric. Join the strips together to form one long strip of fabric.
  4. Beginning on the side of the embroideries, and then then top and bottom, stitch the strips to the blocks. Press between each seam addition.
  5. Take the Patterned Teal fabric, and cut 7 x 2” strips across the width of the fabric. Join the strips together to form one long strip of fabric.
  6. Beginning on the side of the embroideries, and then then top and bottom, stitch the strips to the blocks. You should now have 4 blocks equally surrounded by fabric.
  7. Using your precision patchwork ruler, and rotary cutter, trim two of the blocks, at the top and bottom, to create a straight line across the top and bottom of the design. I created this line by taking my ruler and lining it up at a right angle on the fabric, and overhanging ¼ of an inch across the patterned fabric.
  8. Repeat step 7 for ONE EDGE ONLY on the first and last blocks.
  9. Create your small blocks by cutting 6 4.5” squares from the remaining plain teal fabric.
  10. Trim the plain teal blocks with the remaining Patterned teal fabric across two sides.
  11. Working with one set of blocks at a time, join the small blocks to the large at the side.
  12. Once the side blocks are attached, join the two blocks together. This will take some precision stitching, and a fair number of pins. Ensure that you are using your ¼” quilting foot, and don’t be afraid to undo and re-stitch again.
  13. Once all of the blocks are joined to form one long runner, press the runner, and lay it out on top of the backing and wadding fabric.
  14. Pin the table runner to the wadding/backing fabric, and quilt (I chose to stipple all around the actual blocks, whilst ditch stitching around the larger blocks, and I did a decorative fan style in the small blocks.
  15. Because of all of the decorative angles included in this runner, you are going to need to bind the runner in bias binding. I created by bias using the bias binding kit, and then attached the binding by hand

copper table runner 1

copper table runner 2

copper table runner 3

copper table runner 4

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, and I that it will inspire you to create your own table runner.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.

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