Free Pattern – Butterfly Bling Handbag


I love this handbag.  It is large enough to hold all of my essentials, such as purse, water bottle, sunglasses, as well as all of the “stuff” that seems to accumulate as you plan a day out with the family, and still looks great.  If you have trouble finding Buckram, you could also use stitch and shape, or any heavy weight lining fabric.




  1. Take the pattern and increase all pattern pieces in size.
  2. Print out the butterfly placement template, join together, and punch the holes for placement marking.
  3. Trace the middle panel shape onto the strip of black fabric (you will cut out later)
  4. Use the template to transfer the placement markings onto the black fabric.
  5. Embroider butterfly’s on the black fabric one at a time, as per the template.
  6. Repeat the embroidery on the other piece of black fabric to match.
  7. Remove the stabiliser from the embroidery, and press.
  8. Use the middle panel pattern piece to re-confirm the size of the panel, and cut these two pieces out.
  9. Use side and bottom panel pattern pieces and cut out using the mottled fabrics.
  10. Join the side panel pieces to the middle panel, to form a front and back bag.
  11. Lay the front and back bag pieces onto the buckram, and cut out a piece of buckram the same size as the bag. At this stage, also cut a piece of buckram the same size as the bag bottom.
  12. Lay the front and back bag pieces onto the lining fabric, and cut lining fabric the same size as the bag. At this stage, also cut a piece of buckram the same size as the bag bottom.
  13. Using your iron on a hot steam setting, iron the buckram onto the bag front and back pieces, as well as the bag bottom.
  14. Join the bag front and back pieces together, and then sew the bag bottom into place.
  15. Take the lining fabric, and join the sides together, and then insert the bottom.
  16. Press all the pieces, opening seams out flat.
  17. Take the 4 handle straps and fold in half.       Using a small seam, sew down the length of each strip.
  18. Pull the straps through to the right way, and press.
  19. Take your handles, thread the straps through the openings, and baste onto the bag front and back, ensuring that the handles are aligned.
  20. Take the bag main fabric piece, and the lining fabric, and with right sides together, stitch around the top of the bag, leaving a 20cm opening.
  21. Pull the bag through the opening, , press all pieces together, and top stitch around the top of the bag, securing the lining, and closing the gap.


I hope you enjoy this bag, and get as much use out of it as I have over the years.  Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.

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    May 2, 2017 at 7:44 am

    Very pretty

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