A great gift for a Stitchin’ Mum

Hello All.  As most of you are aware, Mothers Day will be with us in a week and a half here in Australia.  I am blessed to have a wonderful Mum, who has always been there for me, a great Mother-In-Law who raised an amazing son, and three other women in my life who nurture me and my children. So Mothers Day needs a little planning in my house, to make sure that I don’t forget anyone.

Luckily, all 5 of these fabulous women are stitchers, so each Mothers Day I try and find a great stitching gift for them.

This year I am making everyone a Mug Rug and putting it together with a Stitchers Mug, for a great gift for taking to classes.

Over the past few years, many of us have moved to loving the flexibility and speed of creating in the hoop projects, because of this, I am offering a free frame design for the Sew I Said Mug Rugs that will turn your designs into In the Hoop Design. You will need a hoop size larger than 5×7 to use the outline, however this free frame will convert ALL of the Sew I Said Mug Rugs into in the hoop projects.

mug rug in the hoop



  1. Hoop the PolyCut Stabiliser in the hoop.
  2. Use your machines editing options, or the software that came with your machine, merge the Main Design, Quilting Design, and Frame Design into the one layout.
  3. Lay the wadding and white homespun on top of the PolyCut stabiliser, and baste into the hoop.
  4. Stitch out the initial words and image onto the fabric, making sure that you stop before you get to the quilting stitches.
  5. Take your backing fabric, position under the hoop. I find the best way to do this is to carefully remove the hoop from the machine, and lay the fabric on the back of the design, securing with a piece of sticky tape if necessary.
  6. Stitch out the quilting design to secure the backing to the design.
    mug rug 2
  7. Stitch out the second to last colour, which should be the outline for the edge of the mug rug.
  8. Once the outline is complete, gently remove the hoop from the machine, and trim away the excess wadding and homespun from the front of the design, and the backing fabric from the back of the design, leaving you with the mug rug, attached to the PolyCut in the hoop.
    mug rug 1
  9. Return the hoop to the machine for the final stitching, the luscious satin stitches (this goes around a couple of times to make a truly beautiful satin stitch) around the edge of the design.
  10. Once all of the stitching is complete, carefully trim away the excess PolyCut from the mug rug, and press to complete.

Naturally, you can still create your mug rug the traditional way, and bind it using your binding tools.


I hope you enjoy this design, and are inspired to create something for your Mum, or a loved one this Mother’s Day. Let us know what your Mother’s Day will be like, and who you will be spending it with.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day. Julie.

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