New Design – In The Hoop Charger Holder

These charger holders are amazing. They will keep the device, and the cable off your table or benchtop, and at the same time, allow you to easily store your device, and have them near you when you need them.

The way this project is created, you will do all of the stitching in the hoop. This makes the project relatively quick however the edge has been created to be clean, and to not pull away, and there are 3 layers of various width satin stitches creating this gorgeous edge.  For this reason, ensure that you have enough thread for the project, you will need approximately 130m of thread, to give this professional finish.

Included in this collection are two different sized holders, one for a mobile phone, and the other for a gaming device, such as a DS.

You can find your grommets at your local craft or curtain store, you will need the 50-55mm grommets for this project, add in a few scraps of your favourite fabric, and you will have a truly useful project.


  • 1 piece of stitch and shape, approximately 26x12cm for the phone charger, or 18×19 for the DS charger
  • 2 pieces of fabric to cover the stitch and shape (front and back of the cover) – 1 fat quarter is enough for two phone charger sets.
  • 1 piece of fabric 2” wider than the stitch and shape (this piece will be folded in half for the pocket).
  • 1 grommet set (can also be known as eyelet) 50-55mm in size.
  • In The Hooper Charger Station Design




  1. Cut all of your pieces of fabric and stitch and shape.
  2. Hoop your stabiliser.
  3. Take your stitch and shape, fabric, and press flat (don’t press stitch and shape if you are using a fusible version).
  4. Working with the pocket fabric, press in half, and then press a pleat into the middle of the fabric, to allow the device to fit in. Secure this pleat with pins closer to the fold at the top of the project.
  5. Moving to your machine, load the design, and straight onto the stabiliser, stitch out the first colour change, which will be the outline.
  6. Lay your stitch and shape on top of the outline, and whilst holding gently, stitch out the second colour to secure.
  7. Remove the hoop from the machine, and attach a piece of fabric to the back of the hoop, ensuring that the outline is covered (you can easily secure this with a little sticky tape if required). Once you have re-attached the frame to the machine, lay the last piece of fabric on top of the stitch and shape, and stitch the third colour out, securing the fabric to the stabiliser.
  8. Remove the hoop from the machine, and trim away all of the excess fabric and stabiliser. Really sharp curved scissors work well here.
  9. Return the hoop to the machine, and stitch out the 4th colour, showing you where to place the pocket.
  10. Take your pocket fabric, and lay over this outline. Try and ensure that the pleat is in the centre.
  11. Stitch out the 5th colour, attaching the pocket to the charger holder.
  12. Remove the hoop from the machine, and trim away the excess hoop fabric.
  13. The sixth colour way will stitch out the hole to be cut for the grommet.
  14. Colour seven is all of the satin stitching for the finishing touch.
  15. Once the embroidery is complete. Remove the hoop from the machine, and gently remove the stabiliser from the project.
  16. Using a pair of small sharp scissors, trim away any “floopies”, threads that are showing through, and press with a hot iron.
  17. Using sharp scissors, or your cutwork blade, cut away the excess fabric from the hole stitched out.
  18. Open your grommet up (I love using my screwdriver for this task)
  19. Place the grommet on either side of the charger, and press to secure.

Your charger station is now complete, and ready to attach to your power socket.

I hope you have enjoyed this project, and I look forward to seeing pictures of your own projects.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.

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