Top 3 must have Stitch-a-ma-jigs in your Sewing Office! – Special Offer

What are your favourite sewing tools?  The ones you cannot live without?

This is a question that I get asked all the time. And it is a little like asking with of your kids do you like the best?

I thought about this one for a few days, and took a real note of what I have been using the most throughout the week, and I have to say that my most valuable tool in my sewing office would have to be my Squissors.


The squissors are small squeeze scissors, with an incredibly fine curved tip, that make my embroidery life easy!

I use these Squissors for general embroidery trimming, when I am attempting to trim any jump stitches, however they are also so amazingly sharp, that I can use them for trimming away excess applique fabric as I create applique designs.

Probably the best feature of these squissors would have to be the curved tip, which allows you to easily get under the thread/fabric. I have spent years trying out different scissors, and strongly recommend using curved tip over the flat tip ones.

My second favourite Sititch-a-ma-jig would have to the Stabiliser Cutter. The stabiliser cutter is a covered incredibly sharp blade, that slices through your stabiliser like butter, removing the need for you to use your scissors.  The reason this is important is because stabiliser is a paper based product, and will dull your scissors over time (think of how mad we get when the family use our fabric scissors for paper).

I have a stabiliser cutter next to my stabiliser stash, so that it is always ready to use, and I am never tempted to reach for the scissors.

I love the idea that the blade is fully covered, and it is totally impossible to cut yourself with the blade of this tool.

My third most loved Stitch-a-ma-jig would have to be the pre-wound bobbins. I began using pre-wound bobbins approximately 9 years ago, when I wore out the motor on my first embroidery machine.  When I took it to the mechanic, he told me that is was more than likely due to winding multiple (and by multiple I mean I was winding 50 or so at a time) bobbins at once, putting a lot of pressure on the motor.

I went home and did some research, and immediately began trialling pre-wound bobbins. After a lot of different attempts, I found the type that worked best for my machine, and throughout the years, as I have purchased different machines, I have found the correct size for that machine, and have continued on with pre-wounds with very little difficulty.

One of the best benefits of pre-wound’s (besides the convenience), is that they are tightly wound, and hold so much more thread than you can hold in a normal bobbin. This means that there is actually less time spent changing over the bobbins in the machine.

As a special offer for this week, we are offering a 15% discount on these 3 tools. Simply type the code TOPTOOLS into the discount code section at checkout to get a great deal on these amazing Stitch-a-ma-jigs.

I would love to hear what your favourite tools are.  Pop us a line on the comments section below, and share which tools are must haves for your sewing room.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day. Julie.

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