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Sometimes projects just happen almost by accident. Donna, a friend remembered that when in school they had a clock and day of the week marker and she asked me to devise something similar for our children. So we drew up the basic design to which was added a weather checker and a chore chart to make a terrific learning tool for kids. In our home the chart is placed next to the breakfast bench so that as we have breakfast the children mark of the day of the week, practice telling the time and work out the day’s chores which are written on the chalk cloth. I have given these charts as birthday presents to the kids in my mum’s group to great success.




  1. From the homespun cut pieces measuring 10in x 17in (25.5cm x 43cm), 8in x 17in (20.5cm x 43cm), 9in x 17in (23cm x 43cm), 5in x 26in (12.5cm x 66cm) and 5in x 14in (12.5cm x 35.5cm).
  2. Referring to the photo of the chart for layout stitch out the days of the week designs on the 10in x 17in (25.5cm x 43cm) piece, the weather designs on the 8in x 17in (20.5cm x 43cm) piece, the time designs on the 9in x 17in (23cm x 43cm) piece and the chores designs on the 5in x 26in (12.5cm x 66cm) piece.
  3. Press the pieces face down in to a thick towel and then trim the days of the week panel to measure 9in x 14 1/4in (23cm x 36cm), the weather panel to 6 1/4in x 15 1/4in (16cm x 39cm), the time panel to 7in x 15 1/4in (18cm x 39cm) and the chores panel to 4in x 25in (10cm x 63.5cm).
  4. Hoop the Stitch N Shape with a piece of the border fabric and sew out the pie and the clock hands. Trim back to the stitching.
  5. With the eyelet maker create holes in the centre of the pie, the clock, the clock hands and the weather picture. Insert eyelets into each of the holes and hammer closed.
  6. Fold the 5in x 14in (12.5cm x 35.5cm) piece in half lengthways. Press and stitch down the length with a 1/4in (6mm) seam allowance. Turn through to the right side and position the seam so that it is on the inside edge. Press.
  7. With a water-soluble pen mark the positions of the days of the week on the strip using the bottom of each day as the marking point.
  8. Measure the button size and set your machine up to stitch buttonholes. Create buttonholes that are 4mm (1/8in) bigger than the button size and sew out seven buttonholes down the length of the fabric at each of the marked points. Cut the buttonholes open.
    buttonhole panel
  9. Turn the short ends of the buttonhole strip in to neaten and stitch. Sew the left hand side of the strip to the days of the week panel.
  10. Cut seven, 2in (5cm) strips of the border fabric. Referring to the chart photo join the border fabric to the embroidered panels, pressing between each seam.
  11. Join the chalk cloth underneath the jobs panel.
  12. Add border strips to the top and bottom of the chart and the sides. Press.
  13. To create a rod pocket cut a 20in x 5in (51cm x 12.5cm) strip of the border fabric and fold in half lengthways. Tuck the short ends under and with the raw edges even centre on the top of the chart and pin in place.
  14. Thread the elastic through the button shank and tie to secure. Position the other end of the elastic under the buttonhole strip and sew in place with a few hand-stitches.
    show buttonholes
  15. Use a paper clasp to inset the pie into the weather vane. Hand-stitch the clasps down. Repeat with the clock hands.
  16. Cut Pellon to fit the chart top and press to the back.
  17. Cut backing fabric to the same size as the chart top. With the right sides together stitch the backing to the chart leaving a 10cm (4in) opening. Trim the corners and turn right side out.
  18. Quilt by ditch stitching along each of the seam lines.
  19. Press and hand-stitch the opening closed to complete.


Now give to your favourite child and watch not only their faces light up but mum’s as well when she sees how practical and useful this particular gift is!


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