Free Project – Crewel Embroidery Makeup Bag

I love this makeup case.  It is large bright and cheerful, and yet has a real retro feel to it.  I have used the crewel intentions designs around the edge of mine.  The zipper is easy to put in, and every person you gift one of these bags to will love it!



  • 90cm fabric (I suggest an even weave, stable fabric, such as homespun, cotton, or silk if you want a more luxurious look)
  • 9”x35” piece of iron on pellum.
  • 28”/70cm continuous zipper (available from most habby outlets) – pick a colour that co-ordinates with your fabric
  • Sewing thread to match the colour of the fabric you have chosen.
  • 15cm piece of bias binding to match the fabric colour
  • 1 sheet of cardboard
  • Spray adhesive
  • Hot glue gun
  • Crewel Intentions by Julie Hall Designs
  • Embroidery threads (I have used Mettler Threads Pink – 2300, Green – 9932, Purple – 2900, Yellow – 0520, Orange – 0800)


  1. Download the pattern from the free section of Julie Hall Designs.  Using the pattern, cut out each pattern piece 1 x front 1 x lining 1 x pellum 4 x top/base 2 x cardboard.
  2. Working on the front/main pattern piece, taking note of where the embroidery should go, embroider down the length of the fabric.
  3. Take the iron-on pellum and iron onto the wrong side of the embroidery.
  4. Take the lining, and with right sides together, lay the lining on top of the embroidery.
  5. Referring to the pattern, and using a chalk pen, transfer the line from the pattern to the fabric.
  6. Using the chalk line as a guide and centre point, stitch down 5mm on either side, turning at the end to create a rectangle. (I have used a contrast thread here to show the stitching).
  7. Using a pair of sharp scissors, slit through the chalk line to open out the rectangle.
  8. Pull the lining through to the wrong side, and press.
  9. Attach the zipper to the back of the lining, stitching through all layers.
  10. Trim the rectangle back to being 30” long
  11. With right sides together, stitch the sides of the rectangle together.
  12. Stitch the bias binding along the seam line to hide the exposed seam.
  13. Take the cardboard template and cut out two bases.
  14. Using the fabric base and top pattern piece, cut 4 bases out of fabric.
  15. Use the spray adhesive to spray the cardboard templates – press onto two of the fabric pieces, and glue the edges under.
  16. Create the handle for the case by cutting out the handle pattern, and folding the fabric in half. Stitch down the side, and pull through so that right sides are showing.
  17. Fold the raw edges of the handles inside the handle, and pin and stitch onto the case lid, pulling up slightly so that a stand up handle look is achieved.
  18. Take the vanity case top (one with the handle), and marking up the quarter points, pin right sides together.
  19. Stitch top of the case onto the sides, and then repeat with the bottom.
  20. Give the entire bag a good press, focusing on the top and bottom joins.
  21. Using the hot glue gun, glue the cardboard panels into the top and bottom.



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    June 15, 2017 at 5:36 pm

    You did a marvelous job❣️ 😊

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