Friday Flashback – Christmas in July – Conway Christmas Bears

Thank you for joining me today, and I apologise for the lateness of the Friday Flashback post (it is the last week of school holidays, and as well as working on my own business, I have been helping out doing some corporate training, and taking care of the kids as well). Today I would like to re-introduce you to an fantastic set of Christmas Designs – Conway Christmas Bears, as part of our Christmas in July Celebrations.

The Conway Christmas Bears were created back in 2006/2007, and were the second set of Conway bears that I had created. Once again, the designs came from my friend, and amazing artist – Anne Conway.  Anne had come to one of my embroidery classes, and brought along a beautiful Christmas tree design, featuring bears stacked up like the tree.

I immediately fell in love, and begged for Anne to let me re-create these amazing designs for Machine Embroidery.

Each Bear (and there are 10 in the set), are created in complete fill stitch. The fill that I use is created to give a texture to emulate fur, whilst the edging is in a jagged style adding extra dimension.   Additionally, each bear has individual added detailing, such as their Santa hats, or their vests, some are holding presents, some antlers etc.  They really do all have their own personalities.


Probably one of the favourite things that I have created with these designs, was replicating Anne’s own Christmas Tree Bear Design concept. I lay out the bears using my layout software, and one by one embroidered them all onto a single piece of fabric.  I can still remember working on this project, I had just purchased a new machine, and after laying out the designs so that I could fit it into two large hoopings, I began stitching.  Everything was fine, and I was up to the second day of stitching, until right at the end, when the last bear (or the machine) ran out of oomph, and pulled the fabric out of the hoop, and inside the machine.  After taking a few hours away from the designs, and a lot of swearing, I decided that I was not going to waste the design that I had created, and stitched the last bear onto a separate piece of fabric, and then appliqued him on before I quilted the wall hanging.  I still have the wallhanging, and bring it out each Christmas to hang in the entry way of our home.

Another project that I created with these great bears was a couple of t-shirts for the girls. The girls would have been two the Christmas after these guys came out, and it would have been their first Christmas walking (being twins, they were not the fastest walkers).   I made them the t-shirts, and stitched a bell onto the hat of the bears.  For a month, this shirt was the girls favourite, and had them jumping up and down so that they could make their shirts jingle.

When we first brought out this collection, I gave out the bears hat as a freebie design. As a special offer to our loyal readers, for the next two weeks we are also offering the gorgeous teddy bear with the scarf design as a free give away.  Simply click HERE to download your copy.


I hope you have enjoyed this flashback, and as always, have a Stitchin’ Day. Julie.

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