New Product – Laser Guided Scissors

Can you cut a straight line with a pair of scissors?

It is a question that I ask myself all the time, when I am cutting across a piece of batting, or right along a piece of fabric.

Most of us can get fairly close when we are cutting a short line, however when we get to cutting something a little longer, it gets more difficult. And that is where these amazing scissors come in.


Now I am the first to say that I love a good laser product. Our fabric laser guide is one of our best sellers, and I currently have my darling hubby working on a laser to attach to the machine for precise stitching and quilting, and another for assisting in hooping.  This pair of scissors fits in perfectly with the rest of my marvellous laser products.

The Laser Guided scissors give you a straight line coming out from the tip of the scissor, and allow you to use that laser guide to match up with a point at the end of your fabric/paper, and if you keep the laser firmly on the end point, you will get a lovely straight line.


I am using these scissors on fabric (and I don’t mix my fabric and paper scissors), and it is so handy for cutting along the width of fabric or batting. I like to use embroiders felt (a really soft and low loft batting) underneath many of my embroidery designs, and I find that attempting to cut a straight line along the width of this is difficult.  Using the laser scissors, with a marking point at the end, means that I create a straighter line, with much less wastage.

These scissors are created with an ergonomic design, and you can adjust the laser for absolute precision work.

When looking into this product, I have found that there is a massive difference in the quality of different products available. I have gone to a lot of trouble to ensure that I am stocking a product that is totally fit for purpose, and works brilliantly on fabric and wadding.  I have also ensured that the batteries included with these scissors are protected before use, so there is no issue with corroded batteries or batteries already run out.


I love these scissors, and they make a wonderful addition to my tool box. I hope you will enjoy the scissors just as much.

You can purchase your own pair of Laser Guided Scissors from Julie Hall Designs, click HERE to go straight to the correct page.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day. Julie.

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