Friday Flashback – Girly Alphabet – New Freebie Design

Hello and welcome to another Friday Flashback.  This week I am bringing you a really cute collection – the Girly Alphabet.

Girly Alphabet got it’s start when I was sending the twins (Emma and Grace) off to daycare one day a week.  Now it’s not like the girls look (or looked) anything alike – Gracie’s hair was in ringlets, and Emma’s is dead straight – however the daycare had a lot of trouble working out which twin was which.


I really didn’t want to put their entire name on a shirt – we hear so much these days about stranger danger, and I didn’t want to take any chances, however I figured a decorative letter might prompt the teachers, and not too much like a “hello my name is …” shirt.

And thus the Girly Alphabet was born.


At it’s heart, the Girly Alphabet is a set of beautifully appliqued and stitched block letters, however each letter is also highlighted with a girly element, such as a flower, butterfly, or a bee.

I began with the applique, and I had recently seen a set of beautiful designs completed in applique, that were finished with an extra row of stitching.  I really thought this finished the designs off really well, and looked incredibly professional, and so I decided to try this on these letters.  The other change that I made to standard applique, is that my applique stitch is slightly thicker, meaning that there is more coverage, and errant threads don’t pop through quite so easily.


One of the tricks that I have learnt over the years with machine embroidery applique, is that when you are creating clothing, ALWAYS use a fusible web on the fabric, to ensure that when you wash the shirt, it won’t warp or distort.


Once I had created the letters, I then began adding the highlights, using cutsie elements.  I have used basic stitches for these, to add extra dimension to the designs.

I had a lot of fun with these designs.  As well as making the shirts for the girls (only one of them had to wear the shirt each week), I also created a beautiful wallhanging using Emma’s name.

The story of the wallhanging really brings a smile to my face.  On the day that I was creating this, Emma was being “extra” challenging.  So as I was using beautiful words to describe my gorgeous daughter, I was thinking alternative words.


To create the wallhanging I layed out the letters making Emma, and then used my software to add the rest of the letters to form the words.

Initially we gave away the lovley tulip element from the Girly Alphabet collections.  If you missed these the first time around, you can collect your copy from our free designs page HERE.  As a thank you to all of our loyal customers, for the next week we are also offering the letter L – as a free download.  Simply click HERE to collect your copy.


Thank you for taking this trip down memory lane with me, I hope you have enjoyed looking at this collection, and that it has inspired you to stitch for a loved one.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.


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