A Pawfect New Collection

For all of the cat lovers out there, I am so happy to bring you all a wonderful new collection – Pawfect.


Pawfect is a cute collection of “sassy” cats, posing and stretching.  They are defined with an almost mehendi style stitching, showing remarkable detail with flowers and geometric elements.

Pawfect comes in 5 sizes, 130mm, 140mm, 150mm, 180mm, and 200mm.  Naturally, you get all sizes with the purchase.

I began Pawfect a little over a month ago, and whilst I loved creating these ones, I found it amazing just how long it took to create each design.

For the main details on all of the cats, there is not a jump stitch (until you get to the face details).  This involved from a digitizing point of view, a lot of backward and forward stitching of the design, to ensure that there was no jumps.  What you are left with is an amazingly simple design, that shows great depth and detail, all without changing or trimming any threads.

The Pawfect cats are edged with a trim satin stitch design, giving a sexy little edge to the stitching.

I have spent today stitching out these great designs, and whilst the stitching time is fairly quick – approximately 30 minutes each design, I have found that the designs are using up a LOT of thread.  I began with a full 800m spool of thread, and as I am now on the last design, I can clearly see that I would not get another design out of the spool.

The other trick that I have used whilst I am creating these designs is to use not only a tear away stabiliser with the blocks, but also a small piece of embroiders felt between the stabiliser and the tear away to allow the stitches to really form around the fabric.  I find that using the embroiders felt (which we will be bringing you later this week) gives a beautiful, smooth finish to your embroidery.

I choose to stitch my Pawfect cats on a black background, with an icy pale pink thread.  I love the way they look on the black background, and in different lights, the pink can look either pink, grey or white.

I am currently planning to put my beautiful Pawfect cats together in a hexagon style, using a set of hexagon templates that I purchased years ago, and have only used once.  I am still deciding on which fabric I am going to put between the blocks, however at the moment I am thinking a gorgeous black and white flower print.

The girls have suggested that one of the smaller cats would look great on the back of a t-shirt for summer, in the small of the back, almost like a tattoo.  I could also see them on bedlinen.  You could very easily change the colours to a bright red or green and have them as Christmas style cats as well.


Pawfect is now available for download or CD/USB purchase, and is priced at $34.95 (download version).

Naturally – as with any new collection, there is also a new free design.  You can collect the Pawfect free design HERE.

Pick up your copy today!

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.


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