My 2017 Bucket List – A Catch Up

Back in December last year, I made a bucket list of the projects I would like to complete in 2017.  I was looking back though the post last week, and I thought I would share how I have been going.

A Project in the Hoop

This year I have completed two in the hoop design sets – the first is the Device Charger, and the second is the In The Hoop Unicorn Sleep Mask.

I love both of these designs, and I have made a few of these as stocking stuffers for christmas.  I am loving the extra dense stitching that finishes off the edges of both of these designs.  It really gives the design a “finished” look.


A Project for Charity

This year I have donated a couple of quilts which I have made.  In August I had a massive clean out, and any double up samples that I had in my sample trunks, I took up to my mum to be donated throughout their local church area.

I have also been sending my test blocks to Project Linus – who create quilts for children in hospital.  This is a wonderful charity that I hope many of you will join me in supporting.

A Project to Wear

This is one of the bucket list items I have been over-achieving on.


So far this year, I have embroidered on boots, jeans, pj’s for Cameron, and a handbag just to name a few.  I have continued my tradition of finding great items at my local op shops, and re-fashioning them as amazing works of art.

All of the Rose embroidery on the clothing has been from the collection By Any Other Name – Roses.

I think this bucket list item was also made easier by the embroidered clothing trend that is currently happening.  Every shop I am looking in at the moment time has heavily embroidered jeans, jackets and skirts.

A Project to Gift

I have had the opportunity to make a couple of gifts this year.  As well as my traditional gifts for hubby to give at Christmas of teatowels, I have done scarves, makeup bags, and my teacher favourite of the teacher cushions.  For these amazing teacher cushions, I have used the Periodic Alphabet designs, and the lettering that is included in my machine.  Part of my Mothers Day gifts was a mouse mat, that I embroidered with the Sew I Said designs.  Mum has received a Sewing Forecast wallhanging for her sewing room, as well as a specially made apron.

An Alignment Project

I am currently working on a new set of designs that are cross stitch transportation vehicles.  As I am creating the baby cot quilt that will go with these designs, I am quilting using the amazing designs from the Continuous Quilting Collection.  It does take a little more time to align a design correctly – however the sense of achievement that I still get when your design comes out correctly is amazing.

A Project for the Sewing Room

I had a little bit of difficulty thinking about what I had done for my sewing room this year, until I took the time to look around the sewing room, and I saw the small wallhanging quilt that I have hanging on the door.  As I created the Sewing Forecast Wallhanging, I have really wanted to hang this in my sewing space, and it looks great on the door (and accurately reflects my feelings about cooking on the weekend).

I still have a few items left on my bucket list for the year.  So far I have been unsuccessful at creating a sew-a-long, a lace project, a kitchen sewing project, and learning and sharing a new technique.  However I am thinking that I still have almost 2 months left of the year – so there is still a little time.

How about you?  What was on your bucket list this year, and how are you going with achieving your plans for the year?

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.

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