Friday Flashback – Teeing Off – New Freebie Design

Hello, and welcome back to another Friday flashback.  This week we are looking at another sporting collection – Teeing Off.

Teeing off was the second of the “sporting” collections that I created – the first being gone fishing.  It was also the second in what I like to think of as the “Men’s Collections”.

I always find it difficult to find designs that are good for embroidering for men, and after the feedback we received when we created the Gone Fishing designs, I knew that this was an area that others have found the same difficulty.  We get a lot of requests to create sporting collections, from football, to lawn bowls, however I find this quite difficult, as there are so many variations of different codes of sports, that it really does make it almost impossible to cater to a large demographic.  However like fishing, golf is international.

I have a lovley brother-in-law who is a keen golfer, and at the time I created these, I was looking for something small I could do for him for christmas.  My sister suggested that I do a set of towels for him to use whilst he is golfing – and the collection was born!

Teeing off is a collection of 16 different golfing designs, and 6 golfing sayings.  I created these designs in the sketch stitch style, which I love because I believe it gives a natural, realistic look, and it keeps the stitch count and jump stitches down.

I love the way we have included designs from all facets of golfing – from the lining up of the putt, to the golf cart, the swing, and both women and men golfing.

To make the most of these designs, I firstly created a gorgeous golfers quilt.  I was lucky enough to find fabrics that work with the the designs, in brown blue, green, and a natural yellow.


I also completed the golf towels that I promised for my brother-in-law, which are still being used until this day.

A few weeks ago, I had a coleague of my husbands ask for some hats to be embroidered for their golf team.  As well as embroidering the names on the hats, we embelished them with the golf ball and tee – they looked amazing.

This year I am hoping to make a wet pack for brother-in-law with the golfing motif.  I am planning at the moment to purchase a blank wet-pack from K-mart (I saw them for approximately $8 last week), and I think the designs will go well on them.

Initially when I created this collection, we gave away the golf ball design, as a freebie.  You can access this design HERE.  As a thank you to all of our loyal customers, for the next week we are also offering a second Teeing Off design as a free download.  We have decided to give the golf tees to go with the golf ball.  Simply click HERE to collect your copy.


Thank you for taking this trip down memory lane with me, I hope you have enjoyed looking at this collection, and that it has inspired you to stitch for a loved one.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.


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