GloveLight featured on The Living Room

Last week I was so happy to see Chanel 10 Australia’s – The Living Room feature our amazing GloveLights.


Hosts showing the amazing GloveLights on the Living Room

Working with two hands and holding a torch at the same time is almost impossible, but a Glovelite will fix that. A Glovelite is quite simply the torch you can’t drop, because you’re not holding one to begin with. It’s a long-lasting, waterproof glove that you wear on your hand, made of comfortable stretchy material with two led lights built into it…plus one size fits all! A Glovelite will save you time by freeing up your hands and providing ample light where it’s needed, so you can get jobs done faster. It’s perfect for completing tasks in low-light areas around the house, garage or workshop, as well as for any unexpected emergencies such as needing to change a flat tyre at night. Also great for Barry to wear when he’s drawing up plans for his renovations late at night in bed, and doesn’t want to disturb his wife.


We all know that these lights are brilliant for doing our hand stitching with – but what a great idea to give one to the man in your life for Christmas.

Best of all – the Living Room quoted a retail price of $26 per light – and we are selling them here for only $18.00.

Pick yours up today for Christmas.

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