Embroiders Felt – It’s whats been missing in your embroidered quilts.

A few weeks ago, I added Embroiders felt as a product line to our website.  Since then, I have had a lot of enquiries, asking what it is, what it is for, and how best to use it.

The best description of when to use it, is to describe how I used to create machine embroidered quilt blocks.  I would hoop my tear clean stabiliser and fabric, and embroider the block.  Often I would then find that the fabric was slightly puckered or distorted, and needed a fair amound of pressing and “quilting” to cover up any distortion.  The I discovered pellon.  I loved pellon, and used it for many years, however what I didn’t like about it was the thickness, and the way it wears over time.  After much searching and trial and error, I have found what I believe is a superior product.

Embroiders Felt.

What is it.

Embroiders felt is a lightweight, felted product, approximately 1.5mm thick, that gives structure and support to your machine embroidered quilt blocks and panels.

embroiders felt flat

It is a mix of polyester and cotton, and has a wonderful feel and stability to it.  Embroiders Felt has a small amount of directional give to it, making it move with the fabric as you embroider.

What is Embroiders Felt used for

Embroiders felt is the perfect product for when you need a little bit of stability to your block.  I describe it as “giving the stitches something to form around”.  I wouldn’t use it in clothing, however any design that is going to be enclosed, such as a quilted product, or most home décor project are perfect for this product.

Embroiders felt is a lightweight product that gives the embroidery stitches something to form around.  It helps to give a polished finish to your creative designs.


you can see the slight puckering around the shoe area, when not pellon/wadding/felt has been used.

Embroiders felt is also wonderful for in the hoop projects, when you don’t want to use stabiliser.  It has enough stability to support embroidery, and no “pilling” to gum up the machine.


The difference with the embroidery felt, is that you end up with a much smoother finish, and it reduces all of the “puckering” around the design.

How best to Use Embroiders Felt

Embroiders Felt is best used as part of a sandwich, layered between the main fabric, and the stabiliser.  I like to hoop all 3 layers together in the hoop for the greatest stability, and support.

Embroiders felt is dense enough to act as a quilting product layer on small projects such as mug rugs, and light enough to still allow regular batting to be applied to a quilt before final quilting (my long arm quilter loves working with quilts that have this on them, as she finds it makes the blocks more stable, and less likely to move during the quilting process.

Caring for Embroiders Felt

As fabric artists, we are all concerned with how our final projects will wear over time.  Embroiders felt can be hand or machine washed, it should be ironed with a warm (not too hot) iron, and I have even had luck in the dryer (although I would not make a habbit of this).

I hope you have enjoyed this in depth look at Embroiders Felt.  I would love to hear your comments on this great product, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.

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