Just Add Embroidery – for the perfect gift…

Christmas is now only a few weeks away.  And if you are anything like me, you are probably starting to feel the pressure.

Edward (DH) and I sat down on Thursday night, and over a glass of wine, I pulled out all of the presents that I have been collecting over the year, and we wrapped everything up.  I also dragged out the Christmas Stockings that I made 4 years ago, and got them ready.  As I pulled the stockings out, it struck me how well the embroidery worked on this project.  Just a little embroidery to personalise and enhance.  So with so little time left, let’s look at what else you could quickly personalise for the silly season.

Christmas Stockings

I picked these gorgeous stockings up at Spotlight.  You get a panel of two (back and front), however I use one stocking side for each child, and then back them with decorative fabric.


All I did to complete these gorgeous Stockings was to embroider all of our names onto pieces of homespun, stitch the name to the stocking.  Layer the stocking with pellum and backing fabric and stipple quilt all over before I use the stocking as a template to cut a Stocking back.  Stitch together, add tape around the top to complete.

Santa Hat

Grace & Emma love these.  I simply purchased a Santa hat from K-mart, and embroidered Emma’s name onto the white fluffy band (ensure that you use a topper to get through the fur).


Aprons & Chef Hats

Aren’t these girls the cutest.  These are my three youngest nieces, Natasha, Vanessa and Amy.  This photo was taken last year, showing off their Christmas presents.  Adding names to colourful aprons and chef hats was a huge hit, and Vanessa was wearing hers to cook last weekend when we visited.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are great for monogramming, or adding a custom message to.  Simply turn inside out, and baste into the hoop, before you embroider your design.

BigW have had a lot of amazing bags this year – the one below is from the Lyla & Co range, can be simply hooped and embroidered, and is only $15.00 online.  I am waiting for the after Christmas sale, and then I am going to stock up for presents for next year.


Toiletry Bag

For some reason, as the kids get older, go out more, and need more stuff – we go through more and more of these.  I love the black k-mart selection, as it is easy to hoop and embroider.  Grace and I were out today, and she selected a bag for a girlfriends birthday on the weekend that she is looking for me to embroider for her.



Nothing could be simpler.  Take a simple towel, and either using your software that you received with your machine, or the inbuilt lettering in the machine, embroider with the recipients name.

To make embroidery of towels simple, I like to baste the towel onto hooped TearClean stabiliser.  I use either a piece of heat away, or towel topper on top to stop the pile from showing through, and you are ready to stitch.

Whatever gifts you choose to gift over the christmas season, stitch them with love, and I know your receipents will love them.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.


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