NEW DESIGN- In the Hoop Froggy Sleep Mask

Today I am bringing you a new design which I have just created.  I really cute in the hoop sleep mask, that is brilliant for either boys or girls.  A frog.


This gorgeous in the hoop eye mask is a beautiful and fun design.  With simple details, and some fun fabric scraps, anyone would get a good nights sleep under this wonderful mask.  Suitable for either boys or girls, I love that I have created this mask using scraps from my fabric stashes.  One of the main features of this design is the beautiful satin stitch edge.  This edge is created over 5 different layers of stitching, giving the design a truly finsihed edge, and making it simple to stitch.  For maximum comfort, avoid using metallic thread for the satin stitches around the edges of the design.


  • In the Hoop Frog Machine Embroidery Design by Julie Hall Designs
  • Embroiders felt (hoop size piece)
  • Main mask fabric (hoop size piece)
  • Piece of felt for the back of the mask (hoop size piece)
  • Scraps of fabric for the frog face and the eyes
  • 40cm (approximately) of 1cm wide elastic for the headband
  • Embroidery threads to match your fabrics
  • TearClean© tear away stabiliser
  • Sharp scissors for trimming


Colour Change No. Colour Instructions
1   Stitch the outline onto the TearClean stabiliser.

Lay the embroiders felt and mask main fabric on top.

2   Stitch the embroiders felt and mask main fabric to the stabiliser
3   Outline right eye
4   Lay down eye fabric over the outline, and stitch down the fabric.  Trim away all excess fabric.
5   Outline left eye
6   Lay down eye fabric over the outline, and stitch down the fabric.  Trim away all excess fabric.
7 Med. Green Satin Stitch around the eye area
8 Pale Pink Blush on the cheeks
9 Black Eyelashes and nose detail.  Once the detail is finished, remove the hoop from the machine, and trim around the main design.
10 Black Take a piece of felt, and lay over the back of the design.  Stitch to secure to the main design, and then trim away all of the excess fabric.
11 Black Tack down the elastic to secure the eyemask.  To measure the elastic, pull taunt around the head of the intended wearer, from temple to temple.
12 Soft Green Satin stitch around the entire mask


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