Friday Flashback – Zentangle Christmas – New Freebie Design

Thank you for joining me today.  Today I would like to re-introduce you to an fantastic set of Christmas Designs – Zentangle Christmas, as part of our Countdown to Christmas Celebrations.


With only two weeks to go until the big day – now is the time (if you are anything like me), that you are desperately hunting for a quick present to make.

Zentangle Christmas was created about 4 years ago, and came about as the interest in Zentangle art began to rise.

I found this art collection, and immediately knew that I had to try and interpret it.


I really admire the way Zentangle Art works, creating texture and dimension with the use of shading – generally using a single colour only, and that is what I was attempting to re-create.

I began working on this collection using the inbuilt fills on my embroidery software.  I have always loved these fills, and really wanted to find a way to incorporate these into the designs.


I also love these designs because they are in a single colour.  At the time I created these, Edward had just asked me to get 10 Christmas presents for him to give out at work.  We were struggling a little financially at the time, and I was tearing my hair out wondering what to create.  I only had a week to get something, so I had to think outside the box.  I can remember putting a design on to stitch, and then running out to the kitchen to get the next round of shortbread made.  It was so much easier for me to create these with only a single colour, than running back and forth trying to change colours.  I made tea towels with the designs, and wrapped up rounds of shortbread with the tea towels, and this has since become a Christmas tradition (Edd has changed work teams this year, and his old manager suggested that he would still love his shortbread).  I also like to keep a few Christmas tea towels around – wrapped and ready to go, so if I need a last minute gift, I can simply pull it out.


You will notice that many of the Zentangle Christmas Designs feature a satin strip as part of the design.  I really like how this adds an extra dimension to the design, and gives a smooth texture to counteract the fill.

As well as the yearly tea towels I have created with these designs, I have also used them on a tablecloth project – equally placing the designs around the edge of a tablecloth.  I created this working in quarter point sections, so that I was only committing to 4 designs at a time.  I did the corners first, then the middle of each, and kept adding on until I was happy with the end result.


free Zentangle Christmas Design

When we first brought out this collection, I gave out Zentangle Christmas Bauble as a freebie design.  As a special offer to our loyal readers, for the next two weeks we are also offering the Zentangle Christmas Star design as a free give away.


new freebie design available for the next two weeks.

I hope you have enjoyed this flashback, and as always, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.


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