Creating Stained Glass Embroidery Designs

The Julie Hall Designs Stained Glass Embroidery Designs are a wonderful way to create large embroideries using a small hoop (all Julie Hall Designs Stained Glass Designs are formatted for a 5×7 hoop and above). This document will show you how to create  these magnificent designs, quickly and easily.

Quick Tips

  • You MUST stitch out the designs in the correct order
  • Use scissors that are very sharp to avoid furring on the edges of your embroidery
  • A little bit of double sided tape will assist in keeping the designs together whilst you stitch the joining stitches.



  1. Hoop base fabric together with tear away stabiliser.
  2. Load your embroidery machine with the first design for your stained glass project
  3. Stitch the outline design (will always be the first colour way)
  4. Lay the Iridescent Embroidery Film down on top of the outline, and stitch the first colour.
  5. Stitch all of the colours of the embroidery, pull away any excess Iridescent Embroidery Film, and remove from hoop.
  6. Trim the embroidery where it will meet other stitching (ensuring that you trim close to the edge).
  7. Load the second design into your machine, and repeat steps 3&4.
  8. When you are up to the last colour (the welding of the glass), lay the first embroidered piece over the second to join the embroideries together. (A little bit of double sided tape will assist in holding both pieces together) Stitching the welding will ensure that the edges are completely covered. Remove from hoop, and trim.
  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 until all designs are completed, and you are left with a complete embroidered stained glass window.
  10. Once all of the stitching is complete, attach the stained glass to a piece of backing fabric, using a wide satin stitch (I love using the circular sewing attachment for round designs).
  11. You can now quilt your project according to your needs.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, and remember, for the rest of this week, the Stained Glass Christmas Design is half price.  Simply use the code SGLASSXMAS at checkout.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.

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