Part 2 – Quick Christmas Gift Ideas – Toiletry Bag

This is a brilliant gift for either guys or gals.  Once again – K-mart was my source of inspiration.  These are actually mens toiletry bags, however I love the way they open up so well, meaning I can see everything at once, so I am claiming them as unisex.    The bag cost me $5 each.  Add a name or saying, or small design to personalise, and you have a great gift idea, for under $10.00



  1. Hoop stabiliser firmly.
  2. Take your toiletry bag, and open the side zippers fully.


  3. Taking into account the overlap at the edges, mark up the middle of the strip with a pin.
  4. Using two pieces of double sided tape, attach the tape to the back of the toiletry bag opening.
  5. Firmly press the toiletry bag opening strip onto the hooped stabiliser, ensuring the strip is centered vertically, and using the pin as the horizontal alignment marker.
  6. Load your name design onto the machine, or using the lettering on your machine, prepare your design.
  7. Use the alignment features of your machine to ensure the design will be in the correct position.
  8. Stitch the design.
  9. Once the design is complete, remove the excess stabiliser, double sided tape, and trim away any excess threads to complete.

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