Tuesday Tool day – Bobbin Clamps

Thank you for joining us today for a new feature – Tuesday Tool day.  Each week I am going to feature a different sewing tool from the Stitch-a-ma-jigs range.

This week I am going to begin with one of our newest tools – the Bobbin Clamps.


If you have been sewing/stitching for any length of time, you will probably know of a couple of different ways to keep your bobbins from unwinding, and have had at least one experience of a bobbin unwinding itself all over the place leaving a mess.  I have tried most different ways of managing my bobbins, with differing success.

When I am at home, I use a bobbin doughnut, which keeps about 30 different bobbins safe at once.  These are made out of flexible plastic/rubber, and whilst I have had one for the last 12 years, I have noticed over the last couple of weeks that mine has begun splitting.

Whilst these bobbin doughnuts are great for around the sewing room, when I am going to classes, or I am on the road, I need something smaller, that can carry a couple of bobbins at once.  And so the search began.

I found a couple of different options – Pinterest offered a solution of using a plastic pipe (like your garden hose), but I could not find one that was the correct size.  Pinterest also suggested using a coil binding spine cut up, however this is a little messy, and the plastic is difficult to then remove, and has sharp edges.  Then came a company (I cannot remember the name), that sells a different size clamp for all different size machines/bobbins.  I like this idea better, but hate the idea of different size clips for different bobbins, (when you own more than 1 machine, this can be an issue), and I find the plastic is quite brittle, and I managed to break a couple within the first few weeks of owning a set of these.  I also find that these little clamps are difficult to use as my fingers are getting older, and arthritis is settling in.

bobbin cover

Using plastic pipe is an ok idea, however in Australia, the pipe is expensive, and easily lost.  It is also more difficult for older fingers to work with these little covers.

Finally, I found the best solution for me.  The Bobbin Clamps.

These clamps are large enough that I can easily use them – even when my fingers are playing up.  They are made out of silicone, which is soft on the thread, and doesn’t flatten or distort it.  The clamps easily go around all different sizes of bobbins, even the extremely large bobbins which are used with quilting machines, and with the Bernina range of machines.  It doesn’t matter if the bobbin is full or empty, the bobbin clamps work perfectly.


The clamps come in a set of 12, in bright fun colours.  They also come with a chain which can assist in managing your bobbins.  In my sewing kit, I have a chain with 6 of my Bobbin Clamps attached.  Each Clamp has a wound bobbin on it.  For my general stitching, this would generally get me about 8 hours of stitching, which is more than I generally do in an outing.  Everything is together and neat in my kit.

bobbin clamps2

As you can see with this picture, these bobbin clamps can work with even the largest bobbins.  Here we are showing the Bernina large range of bobbins, and the Clamps are easily holding the bobbin secure.

For the next week, we are offering free shipping on the Bobbin Clamps.  Simply select FREESHIP in the voucher area at checkout to receive yours today.

Thank you for allowing me to share this Sewing Tool with you.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.


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