Happy New Year

Happy New Year

I truly hope all you of have a wonderful 2019 – filled with fun, loved ones, happiness, and, of course, plenty of stitching.

Last night as I sat on my new deck sipping champagne with my darling hubby, I tortured him by taking a look back at 2018, and seeing what we were proud of, what we want to change, and what beginning to make plans for 2019.

Naturally – there were all of the basic stuff, such as lose weight, save money, volunteer more, but then I got to thinking what I actually wanted to achieve myself.  So I now have different categories of resolutions/plans.  Home, Business, Stitching for fun.

So today I thought I would share some of my stitching resolutions with you.

Take one day a month to try something new.  I am a person who gets caught up in what they are doing business wise, and I can easily forget why I started out, and why I love embroidery so much, so my first goal for the year is to spend one day a month trying something new with my gorgeous machine.

Make a project for fun each month.  I keep a list of ideas in my notebook for projects I would like to try, or things I am inspired by.  I have now moved that list to the wall of my office, and instead of just focusing on creating designs to sell, once a month I am going to make something solely for the fun of making it (brutally honest, it may end up for sale as well).

Get better at blogging my projects and ideas.  This year I have really let myself down with blogging and posting, and one of my goals is to get better.  I plan on going back to the Friday Flashbacks, showing different collections I have created over the years, and I also have some other ideas up my sleeves as well.

So these are some of my resolutions.  What are yours for this year?

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.

My goals this year include stitching for fun, and learning new features on my machine.

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