A New Collection – Bottle Carrier In The Hoop

A quick, in the hoop project that is perfect for getting ready to going back to school.  Each carrier will take approximately 10 minutes, and can be customised to who you are stitching them for.  You will need a hoop with a minimum size of 136x176mm (this is on the diagonal to squeeze into a smaller hoop) to complete this project.

Requirements Large Size:-

  • 1 piece of vinyl, 22x57cm.
  • Contrasting Embroidery Thread
  • 1 Clamp Buckle (I get mine on ebay, searching for clamp buckle hardware)
  • TearClean stabiliser
  • Embroidery Thread


  1. Hoop TearClean stabiliser, and load design onto your machine.
  2. Stitch out the first colour way, showing where to place the vinyl.
  3. Lay the vinyl on top of the outline, and stitch out colour way 2 to hold down the vinyl.
  4. At this stage, if you wish to add a monogram, add it now, in the upper section of the bottom of the design.
  5. Trim around the design (don’t worry, the final stitching will be in a couple of millimetres, so it can be rough.
  6. Remove the hoop from the machine, and flip over. Using a pair of curved tip scissors, trim the stabiliser away from the top section of the design.
  7. Take the buckle and thread through the “flapping” section of vinyl.
  8. Fold the vinyl down over the back of the design, and secure with sticky tape, or painters tape.
  9. Return the hoop to the machine, and stitch out the final colour way, stitching both sides together, and stitching the hole for the lid. You will need to hold the buckle up and away from the needle whilst this happens.
  10. Once the final colour way is completed, remove the design from the hoop, and pull away excess stabiliser. Trim around the final stitching line, and cut out the circle for the bottle to sit in to complete.


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.  Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.


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