Friday Flashback – Cake it Away – New Free Design Download

Thank you for joining me on another Friday Flashback.

This week I am bringing you a really cool collection, that many overlook – the Cake It away collection.

This collection was first designed back in 2010, and is still a great collection which I use for housewarming presents, and small gifts.

Cake it away is a collection of 10 different cupcake designs, in a coloured redwork style (i.e. the designs are simple line designs, but details are added by colours.

I have always loved how delicate these beautiful little cupcake’s look, and just how whimsical they are.  All of the designs are sized for the 4×4” (10x10cm) hoops, making them achievable for all stitchers.

At the time they were created, back in 2010, cupcakes were all the range, and I know other designers had their own range of cupcake designs out there, in applique and full on stitch style.  Naturally, I wanted to get in on the action, but I had to find my own twist on it – and these designs were born.

The first project I created with these little gems was a t-shirt for the girls, with the wording cuter than a cupcake on it.  I loved taking them out in these little ones.  Sadly, now they are too old to wear exactly what I give them.

Another project I made was the cupcake apron.  This one has been popular ever since, and makes a great addition to a housewarming gift.  The apron I chose was from a blanks company, and comes in black with a small frill around the bottom, and set of pearls detail on the front.  I embroidered the cupcakes on the bottom of the apron, and it is one of those projects that always get a little giggle when I am demonstrating.


The final project that I am going to showcase here, is a wonderful wallhanging, perfect for any kitchen.  The wording, coffee makes it possible to get up in the morning, but cupcakes make it worthwhile – I think sums up my life.  As part of looking at these designs, I am now offering the  cupcake wallhanging design for purchase, for only $9.00.  You can collect yours HERE.


Initially when I created this gorgeous Cake it Away collection, we gave away the first design in this collection as a freebie.  You can access this design HERE.  As a thank you to all of our loyal customers, for the next week we are also offering a second Cake it Away design as a free download.  Simply click HERE to collect your copy.

Thank you for taking this trip down memory lane with me, I hope you have enjoyed looking at this collection, and that it has inspired you to stitch for a loved one.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.

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