Will Magnets hurt your Embroidery Machine?

One of the things I love about having a blog, is the ability it gives me to share information.  And today, I have a great piece of information to share with you, on an old wives tale about magnets and our embroidery machines…..

Who knows how stories get started, but from the moment I purchased my first computerised embroidery machine, I believed that I should not have magnets anywhere near the machine.

Each time a new hoop or gadget came out with magnets, I would lust after them, but be too afraid to purchase, because I would not be willing to test magnets on my machine.

That is, until I began playing with my newest machine – the gorgeous Janome 15000.

This machine comes with it’s own magnetic hoop, and after using it for a couple of months, I have been converted over to how great the hoop is, how much I love magnetic hooping, and it has encouraged me to find out more about magnets and my machine.

In an article from the Fashion Incubator, they make the analogy that your magnet would have to be super human strong to be of any danger to your machine.

Seriously, for a magnet to damage a computerized sewing machine, we’re talking about something that Wile E. Coyote would have to order from ACME. You wouldn’t have to put it on the machine; the machine — as well as your stove, washing machine, iron, refrigerator, and other appliances — would inexorably move toward it¹. It would affect fluorescent lights and old tube monitors. You would need to post warning signs for people with pacemakers. It, not the sewing machine, would be the most expensive piece of metal you own. If it is a permanent magnet, Chinese rare-earth miners would send New Years gifts to you for supporting their families. If it is a current-driven electromagnet, the board of your local power company would send YOU Christmas cards.

After getting my non scientific mind around this, I began looking into how the magnetic hoops work, and in my travels, I have found a wonderful new product that will allow you to hoop difficult items, such as towels or velvets, with magnets on any hoop. (I will be releasing this product next week).

So in conclusion, don’t be afraid when you see a great magnetic hoop or tool to try it with your machine.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.

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