Monday Meme – Free Wise Woman Embroidery Design

Hello, and welcome to a new Monday Meme free design.

This week I am bringing you a quote from one of the most interesting women in modern history – Marilyn Monroe.

Love her or hate her, Marilyn is an icon, and many things she has said throughout her life have been analysed and reported on.


During her life, Marilyn was not particularly known as being incredibly smart, however I believe the more we learn about her after her death, the more sage she becomes.

I love this quote, and I have told my daughters about it often.  It is wise to know your limitations, it is smart to know that you have none.  The sky is your limit.

As per usual.  This free design will be available for the next week.  Download your copy now, and enjoy with our compliments.  You can download your copy of this great design HERE

I hope you enjoy this download, and I would love to see any great ideas that you have for this freebie range.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ day.  Julie.

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