Monday Meme – Free Embroidery Design

Hello, and welcome to another Monday Meme.

Today I have a wonderful saying for you.  I am a fan of listening to podcasts in the car, and one of my favourite’s is a guy named Dave Ramsey, who is a personal finance author/speaker/entrepeneur.

Whilst listening this week, one comment he made really struck me.  Common sense is so rare these days, it is almost a Superpower.


My father always said common sense wasn’t that common, and I have passed this onto my children.  Now we have a cushion to remind them.

So here we have a design showing common sense as a Superpower.

Remember when you are stitching a dense design, you can layer your stabiliser top and bottom, and this will remove any stretching of the design.

You can download this design from our Free Designs Page.  Enjoy.

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