Shadow work Tutorial

On Friday, in our Friday Flashback series, I re-introduced you to a fantastic collectedion, called The Shadowed Garden.  Today I am going to share with you the techniques to complete this fantastic technique.


  • Before beginning embroidery, take the voile/sheer cotton fabric, and spray starch it heavily before ironing it.
  • When choosing your fabrics, remember that they will appear muted under the voile.
  • When looking for interesting fabrics, consider the back of fabrics as well.
  • I use a soft poly-mesh cutaway stabiliser, allowing the designs to remain pliant once completed.


Instructions for completing shadow embroidery.  I am using the Rose Design, from the Shadowed Garden.


  1. Place cutaway stabiliser in the hoop, and tighten screws to ensure a tight fit.
  2. Load the design into your embroidery machine, and embroider the first colour (this will be green for the leaf).
  3. Take your wadding and fabric, and lay on top of the outline.
  4. Take the hoop out of the machine, and trim away all excess fabric and wadding.
  5. Re-attach the hoop and stitch out the next block of the design (for the rose, that will be the actual rose flower)
  6. Repeat steps 3-4.
  7. Take your voile/sheer cotton fabric, and lay on top of the design (you can pin the corners to ensure the fabric will not move.
  8. Stitch out the green and red colours to highlight the design.
  9. Lastly, remove the design from the hoop, and CAREFULLY cut away the excess poly-mesh/stabiliser (it is very easy to cut the voile here)

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