DIY Ironing/Cutting Mat carrier combo

We have all been there.  You go to class and forget your cutting mat, or your ironing mat.  You have to borrow off others, or others have to borrow off you, and then you have to find them again at the end of class.  This fancy little carrier combo solves this problem, and looks great and unique as well.


Please note that whilst the instructions can be changed for any size cutting mat, I have specifically sized these for the 11×17” boards that I am currently selling HERE.


  • Foamboard or corflute 2 pieces 12 3/8” x 18 ¼”, and one piece 17 ¾” x 11 ¾”.
  • Insulbrite heat resistant batting 15×20”
  • Ironing board Teflon fabric (or decorative fabric if you wish) 15×20”
  • Low tack spray glue
  • Main fabric 29×21”, 21×5”, and 2 strips of 3×16” for handles
  • Thin wadding 29×21”
  • Hot glue gun and gun sticks
  • Hi Tack double sided tape or Velcro to attach elements to the matboard
  • Rainbow matboard from Stitch-a-ma-jigs by Julie Hall Designs



  1. Take your small piece of foamboard, and spray sparingly with spray glue.
  2. Once tacky, lay on top of the insulbrite, and leave to dry for 10 minutes.20190326_111210.jpg
  3. Once the glue is set, trim the corners of the insulbrite, take your hot glue gun, and glue the insulbrite to the back of the foamboard. Trim away excess insulbrite.
  4. Lay the Teflon sheet out with right side down, and place the insulbrite/foamboard sheet on top. Beginning with the long sides, glue the Teflon fabric firmly to the foamboard.  At this point, I like to glue one side, and then pull the Teflon firmly around the foamboard to ensure it is firm.  Repeat with the top/bottom.
  5. Set the Teflon square aside.
  6. Using the spray glue, spray the front of the large square of wadding. Place the wadding down on a flat surface, and then lay the fabric on top.  Press with a warm iron to set the glue, and ensure there are no bubbles in the fabric.
  7. Whilst the glue is setting, create handles by taking the 3×16” strips of fabric, folding the exposed seams inside, and stitching, to form handles. Set Aside.
  8. Take the large rectangle of fabric, with the wadding attached, and lay on a flat surface. Take the first of the large foamboard squares, and lay on top of the fabric.  Use the hot glue gun to attach the fabric/wadding to the foamboard, along the edge.
  9. Once the glue on the edge is set, place the Teflon covered foamboard, cutting board, and additional sheet of foamboard on top of the glued edge, so that you can estimate how much gusset will be needed in the board. Mark the wadding/fabric to show where to fold over.
  10. Lay the fabric/board out flat, and ensure the sides will be even, using a large ruler. Glue the opposite side of the wadding/fabric to the board.
  11. Lift up the inside edges of the foamboard, and spray a little glue to secure. Hot glue the long sides of the board to the foamboard.
  12. Take the last piece of fabric 21×5”, and Press under the top and bottom (approximately 1”)
  13. Hot glue the panel on top of the gusset between the boards, to ensure no wadding shows through.
  14. Take your handles, and making sure both handles are in the same place, glue to the matboard.
  15. To put the carrier all together, take the double sided tape or Velcro, and place on the back of the telfon board and cutting mat. Remove the backing, and secure over the carrier.
  16. Find a couple of heavy weights to press down the entire carrier for 24 hours to set the glues, and the double sided tape.

You are now ready to take your fantastic board to your next class.



Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.


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