Monday Meme – You Do You

Hello, and welcome to another Monday meme.

I am writing this blog, as I sit in my wonderful sister-in-law’s house, with her weird partner (I told him I was writing this), sipping a glass of wine, and watching the sunset.

I have had a busy day, driving from Canberra to Melbourne, to get ready for the Australian Quilt Convention at the end of this week.  Whilst I was driving down, it was a great time to think.  I was musing about my children, and how wonderful each of them are, and their different skills and tallents.

One of my daughters, Grace, has the most amazing, giving personality.  She is the most open, and giving of my children, and one of the things I really love about her is the way she forges her own path.


One of the downsides of twins is people comparing the girls.  At the end of last year, Emma won an award at school, and someone asked me if Grace was jealous.  When I questioned Grace, she was shocked that I would be worried about that, and just said to me it’s all good – You Do You, and I’ll do me.  I will worry about me, not about others.  I LOVE THIS!

This is such a great way to look at things, and something that I try to remember each day.

I hope you enjoy this design, and remember to be the best you you can be.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.

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