Free Project – Give A Hoot Quilt

giveahootquiltFinished size of quilt 45 ½ x 53

Mixing mediums is the order of the day for this fantastically quick quilt.  It will be treasured for life, and looks stunning.


  • 1.2m pre-quilted fabric, or waffle weave cotton (I have used a natural colour, but the quilt would also work in white)
  • Give A Hoot Owl Designs Julie Hall Designs
  • 5 white fabric squares, 8×8″ to embroider on (you will trim closely around the designs, so any fabric will do)
  • Stabiliser
  • JoSonja Textile Medium
  • JoSonja brown paint – I have used brown earth and umber
  • Paint brush (I used a ½” wide brush)
  • 65cm fabric for border.
  • 48x60cm fabric for backing
  • 48x60cm wadding
  • invisible sewing thread
  • lead pencil
  • general sewing requirements, such as sewing machine, scissors, small sharp scissors



  1. Cut your pre-quilted fabric to 48×40”
  2. Using a lead pencil, sketch in a drawing of your tree – leave a 2” border around the edges of the fabric. You can use the tree I have painted as inspiration, or design your own.
  3. Working to the instructions on the bottle, mix the textile medium with the brown paint.
  4. Paint your tree in using the outlines as a guide.
  5. Take your plain white fabric, and one by one, embroider each of the designs on the fabric squares.  Press each block flat.
  6. Whilst the paint is drying on your tree, take the 5 blocks, and using a small, sharp pair of scissor, trim closely around each of the blocks.
    cut up
  7. Once the paint on your tree is completely dry, arrange the owls in the trees to suit. Once you are happy with the layout, pin each of the owls in place.
  8. Load your sewing machine with the invisible thread on top, and normal sewing thread in the bobbin. Set the sewing machine on a zig zag stitch, approximately 3mm wide and 2.5mm long.
  9. Carefully stitch around the edge of each of owl.
  10. Once the owls have been placed, cut the border fabric into 5 x 4” strips, and add to the sides, and then top and bottom.
  11. Take the wadding and backing, and sandwich together to form the quilt.
  12. Quilt through all layers, and bind in your favourite method.

I hope you have enjoyed this project.  Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.

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