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3 things you must do as you purchase a second hand machine

In my last post, we looked at what to take into consideration before you purchase a second hand machine.  Today I want to look at the top three things you must do as soon as that machine arrives. One of the main differences between purchasing brand new and second hand is going to be the warranty.  Second hand machines generally do not come with a warranty, and any onus is on you as the purchaser to make sure the item…

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Test Sew Tuesday

I am having so much fun today, sewing with my friend Rita (actually, Rita is sewing and I am baking…

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Free FaceOff Design

Naturally, when adding a new design collection, I love to give you all a freebie sample.  For the FaceOff Animal…

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How was your day?

Don’t you just love that question?  My beloved husband and I say it every evening to each other, and I…

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